To the people of Christ Lutheran Church: Greetings in Christ!

I am writing to let you know that over this past week I have met with our Congregational President and the Elders to talk about my retirement. My recovery from open heart surgery is not progressing as fast as I had hoped it would. I think I under-estimated the combined effect of the surgery, my prior stroke, and my age. I have been able to do the tasks of my office but it has to be done in bites. My fuel tank goes down faster than I would like. When it is empty the only way to restore it is with rest and sleep. I have been able to concentrate on the Sunday service during the summer but the fall will bring a new set of duties as we get back into our fall schedule.

In my conversation with the Elders and President we talked about my health concerns and what path we could pursue. I request the congregation allow me to give it my best shot to make it to May, 2020 - when I will turn 65. That is the best option for Tina and I as we go into retirement. The President and Elders were supportive of this option. It was their recommendation that I write you a letter and tell you about my request.

My last Sunday would be June 14, 2020. That will mark 27 amazing years for the Wiley family here at Christ Lutheran. That seems like a good way to go out. This will also give the congregation time to get ready for your next step. God willing we may be able to make this an almost seamless transition. I ask for your prayers...I will do my best to keep up with the tasks of Pastor for Christ Lutheran and for you. I hope you will understand there may be times when things build up on me and some things may “fall through the cracks” and not get done right on time. The Elders and President have promised to help me whenever they can. I know with the love and support of Christ Lutheran all things that are important will get done. If the day comes when you believe that I am not serving you as Pastor as well as I should, we may have to re-evaluate the date of my retirement. I ask for your prayers and your honest feedback as to how things are going.

What an honor and a privilege it is to be the Pastor at Christ Lutheran and to have served you for so many good years. As we go into these nine months together, that will take us to my retirement, may the Lord continue to lead us, bless us and give us His peace. Tina and I love you and love serving you. God bless.         Pastor Wiley

In 2018 Christ Lutheran Celebrates
25 years as People and Pastor!

Pastor Wiley was installed at Christ Lutheran in 1993!
Thanks Be To God!