There is plenty of Hope to go around!

Welcome to Christ Lutheran!
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Located at the corner of Colorado and Kendrick
in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Join us for Worship Service!

God is the initiator of all the good gifts we receive in this life. ...
His gifts come to us freely, whether we ask for them or not. God gives.  We receive.
God give air.  We breath.  God gives life.  We live.  That's how it works.
R. Melheim  "Welcome to the Family"

Worship Service
10:30 AM

Communion every
1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday

Bible Exploration Class
Sunday @  9:15

It is official
Pastor Wiley's last
Sunday Service
will be
June 14, 2020

The Voter's Assembly
of Christ Lutheran
decided to call
 a candidate from Seminary
to serve them
after Pastor Wiley

The Rock in the Desert

How many times did Christ Lutheran become a “rock in the desert” for people who found themselves in Rawlins, Wyoming? When they arrived in Rawlins, to some it seemed as if they had landed on a different planet. Rawlins, from the culture to the landscape, is indeed unlike anywhere else on earth.
In 1867 General Rawlins was sent West by his good friend General Grant. Rawlin’s health was failing. As his party of soldiers crossed the wide open high plains desert of southern Wyoming he stopped to look for refreshment. A spring in the desert. How many times has Christ Lutheran become a "spring in the desert" for people who found themselves in Rawlins? Christ Lutheran has been a place of refreshment - a piece of the hope that is to come - a gift from God for the people passing through Rawlins and a blessing for those who chose to stay here. General Rawlins found a spring that quenched his thirst. Christ Lutheran, for over 60 years, has been a source of living water for the thirsty soul... living water that springs up in a person and leads them to eternal life.

When to contact
Your Pastor

The term “pastor” comes from the Latin word for shepherd and is a most appropriate title for a called servant of the Word in a Christian Congregation. As your shepherd, I count it a privilege to be one of the Lord’s “undershepherds” in His church. That means that I am here to minister to your needs, to shepherd, to care for the flock of Christ. Here is where you come in: I can only “pastor” the members of this flock when they tell me about their needs. People needs are my first priority, so. . . Contact your pastor any time when:
* hospitalized for any reason
* you are concerned about a friend * contemplating marriage
* before seeing a lawyer for divorce
* you just need somebody to listen to you.
* you have questions about your faith
* you have questions about the bible
* going to have surgery
* you have sorrows or joys that you want to share.
As the old Irish proverb: Friends multiply joy and divide sorrows. I am your pastor placed here by God to serve and you can help me do just that. In the love of Christ Pastor Wiley Office: 324-4168
 (Call or text) 307-321-0669
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